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Elf dating sim rpg cheats

The engraving on it reads: "Those who commit sins shall be punished. In the beginning of the game, he disappears, leaving a note on his throne that reads "I have gone to take care of some business." He acts cold and aloof but there is a deeper, softer side to him that he appears to have difficulty showing.God only forgives when a fragile angel heals his heart." This is a hint explaining how to free him. While talking to him, the player learns that he is relatively isolated. The Pacthesis Games profile describes him as: "The quiet and cold king of Hepcatsis. His mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned the kingdom.More information about this is learned if the player dates Lewis in the game.A war breaks out between several kingdoms and it becomes unsafe for Rose to continue living in the castle when it gets attacked by Cesathis soldiers.If the player accidentally gives their date an item they don't like, the date cannot be completed. She's naturally independent and strong-willed and sometimes hot-headed.A bit of a tomboy but still somewhat of a fair maiden at heart. He has sacrificed a lot for the player and continues to do so in order to protect her.

[He has] endured many hardships but remains calm and wishes to live in peace." Items he likes: Candy, Wine, and Bouquet. Afterwards, Joseph can be found back in his castle.How to Unlock: Upon earning , go to the Witch's Cottage and buy a glass angel. Sakka Urwin: King of Lunar Kingdom, passively mentioned by Joseph in the intro. He was rebellious in his younger years which changed upon meeting Lilla. Lilla Urwin: Queen of Lunar Kingdom, passively mentioned by Alix the Cat in a cutscene on day 15.Alix the Cat: Servant of the King of Lunar Kingdom.He shows up on day 15 to update the player and Lewis on the status of the kingdom. Codes can be entered at the wishing well at the bottom of the map.For some reason it cannot be accessed in the Deviant Art version of the game, so if you wish to cheat, you have to play the Kongregrate version.

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His father and his grandfather were blacksmiths as well. Ian is a wolf soldier from a distant kingdom who likes to paint.

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